A lot of users are confused about the differences between PostJelly and ManyChat (or other chatbot platform). In this article, I will try to explain the differences clearly. 


The biggest difference

Simply put, Manychat, Chatfuel and similar platforms are chatbot building platforms. They mostly use Messenger API, they focus on handling the chat (conversation) between customers and business page owners INSIDE Messenger.

On the other hand, PostJelly is a post comment automation tool. It uses Facebook page API, and based on different set of rules (e.g. keywords matching / random / delay), it can automatically reply to COMMENTS publicly, privately, or both at the same time.

You can think of it this way: PostJelly is like an add-on for your chatbot that helps you grow your subscribers.

While ManyChat's comment-to-messenger growth tool can only do single private message, PostJelly enriches this feature making it more powerful. Below is a chart that could help you understand more:


ManyChat / Chatfuel

Chatbot building



Collect Subscribers



Broadcast message




reply different messages base on different keywords 

only one reply message

Auto reply on comment

keyword matching / random / delay / reply using image


Auto like comment



click to enlarge

You may be wondering why I need this? Why not simply ask users to comment "Yes"? You can know the answer here. (Grow you chatbot subscribers without looking like a bait) 

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