How to find dark post ID in Facebook Ads Manager

PostJelly can help you automatically reply to unpublished post (a.k.a. dark post) which is an ad post created via Facebook ads manager. If you want to learn more about dark posts, check out this article.

But how can we select the dark post in PostJelly? It is simple! 

Find dark post ID in 2 steps

PostJelly can reply to dark posts if you know the Post ID. Please note that Ad ID is different from Post ID, we need the Post ID! 

Step 1: Go to ads manger , and click to preview the ad

Step 2: You will find the post ID in the URL, simply copy and paste it in PostJelly's campaign 

Important! The ID may change

We found that the post ID may change if you edit the ad. Technically, Facebook does not allow editing ads after being reviewed. It is considered a new ad if you edit it during reviewing stage.

In this case (i.e. if you edit the ad), you need to update PostJelly with the new post ID (Follow the same 2 steps mentioned above again). Otherwise the auto reply will not work.

We hope this helps 🙂

3 tactics to grow your ManyChat subscribers using comment-to-messenger without looking like a bait

Lots of marketers and SMBs use ManyChat/Chatfuel/MobileMonkey  to build chatbots for their Facebook pages. This is a relatively new marketing channel to engage with leads and customers. 

Additionally, ManyChat's Comment-to-Messenger feature became one of the hottest and most successful list-building tactics for chatbots. More and more Facebook pages are asking their page fans to comment "YES" on their posts.

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